[Gift] Wet Cat is Wet

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~"Hold tight, kids." the jade toa paddled hard with the current, away from the fighting and chaos. He had found them half drowned, tangled in the waving shyl beneath the ever-rising river.~
~The purple one hacked on water at his back, while the other clung to his scruff as tightly as she could.~
~Logs passed under him, thrown by Danuoc's rath. If he'd realized that Danuoc's berserk state would flood everything he would have urged his mates to settle literally anywhere else. Shalekesh must be better, even!~
~Even so, he had a job to do now, getting these kids to safety, and more importantly somewhere where their parents would find them if they survived the Raid.~


[Gift] Wet Cat is Wet
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In Raids ・ By IIIXKitsuneXIII

This WAS going to be more finished but then I linearted on the wrong layer so nope.

Ealhhere supports the raid by rescuing lost survivors!

The survivors in question are Katarina and Jophiel.


Jophiel should be eligible for Bonding but Katarina is not.

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