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Created: 4 July 2024, 05:39:46 UTC
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Monthly Bounties are prompts with special rewards that are given at the start of each month via the front page. You can check the Ketucari group main page to see what each months prompt is and send up to three of your ketucari to follow the prompt and earn you the months reward.
The ketucari of Velukaelo have many jobs, adventures, and skills to share with the others of the world, and sometimes they will come here to seek the help of you, the members. They might just offer special prizes, or maybe just some gold and a whole lot of fun! The bounty will be updated each month and will have a time limit of that month to finish. Once a bounty giver leaves that's the end of that bounty and the next has begun.

How to take a Bounty:

Each bounty must have this form in the description of the submission to count:

Import Link:
Bounty Title:

You will need the bounty title to be exact, as some rewards require proof later down the line, such as bonus themes submitted at Elder, that the ketucari participated. The bounty title and submit date will be checked against the Bounty Archive.

Submit Bounty Images to the Site of your choice, but ideally "Quests" or "Events" folder of our Gallery and reply to this comment with the image to redeem for Bounty prizes.

Note: Read the Bounty to make sure that you understand the prompt and the rewards each month. Some months will give a prize per ketucari entered, while other months may give prize only per member, no matter if the member uses three ketucari or only one.

Previous Bounty Thread:

Bounty Submission Requirements:

Submissions should meet our minimum submission requirements, found HERE.

Note Only 1 Bounty Image may apply for rewards a month


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