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11 October 2021 (2 years ago)
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Hey, Hey, Hey!
Welcome to this dusty ol' space!
I'm a Shy introvert with zero social skills (I'm trying to get better--), I enjoy doing le gaming and hanging with friends in vc. I love wolves and have a "minor" skeleton addiction I also adore gore and horror!
Current game intrest: Hallownight, Witcher 3, Valhiem, Monster Hunter (World and Rise)

All kets infront my Ketixi are breedable! those Behind Arent.
You can find my Tracker Hub HERE and my Sales Hub HERE (Tba)
Ketucari Commissions can be found  HERE | Status: Open

Got a question or interested in some sales or trades? feel free to DM me!! My discord AutumnDC <3
(psst I also take Ingame Items/currency too, feel free to ask!)

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