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Thank you everyone for a wonderful February! We look forward to the uncoming year with all the new fresh faces.

We hope you all had fun in Zolkanis! Zolkanis itself is NOW OPEN TO ACTIVITIES! We hope you enjoy it!
Zone Objectives are now open for Zolkanis, as well, with a shiny new BG available as soon as I figure out where the other admins put it!

Matchmaker was a hit as always!

Season 3 of The Wanderer Slot Raffle has begun! The previous Wanderers have been handed out to their new owners!

With Season 3 of the Wanderers, we are introducing Three new feather types!
Please say hello to Lucerne, Nicobar, and Jacobin!
PSDs should be available later in March or by late April, unfortunately due to various irl circumstances Rynos have not yet been given the new feathers and we would prefer not to prematurely release them on the other builds.


Due to some last minute delays, the Antikutan Raid will be delayed by a day or two while we get the journal set up.


Important QOL updates for everyone:
Mixed roll types are now permitted. Please see the adventuring guide for more information.

A Horn Pack specifically for Danuocs is in the works, courtessy of the tireless efforts by pawstepsinthesnow working to redraw the horns so they actually fit on the Danuoc base. This will be released as soon as it is completed.


We would also like to remind players both new and old of some of our less used features such as:
-Elemental Blessings at the Tarn
-Zone and Player Objectives