Raid of Ilahaesa - Wrap-Up!

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by Anarchisme
Kalet has been brought down! Congratulations on an incredible raid! A 1-month KO-free period is now in effect over the Ilahaesa Mountains for all ketucari (updated from 1 week), and rewards are open for the raid!
Furious and Bastion are now a top 3 rather than only the top 1!
The Furious title for this raid has been awarded to:
IIIXKitsuneXIII 's Shri KT-2632, with 3424 damage dealt!
ZooofAlexandria 's Soul KT-1034, with 2892 damage dealt!
Anarchisme 's Ghostflowers KT-430, with 2473 damage dealt!
The Bastion title has been awarded to:
Anarchisme 's Ghostflowers KT-430, with 1601 damage tanked!
ASimpleMoon 's Stiles KT-2076, with 1085 damage tanked!
ZooofAlexandria 's Blitz KT-2610, with 883 damage tanked!
The Furious and Bastion LP and titles have been handed out to the winners! Over the next few days, we will be updating the armor of kets who participated in the raid in the import database and returning unused items to players' main hoard. Rewards are now open! Just follow the link below and fill out the form to have your raid rewards rolled! Please send the following form into Claims to redeem your raid rewards!
Please only post ONE ketucari per claim to make all the information easier for us to process! Thank you!
Proof of participation: (a minimum of either 3 sketch pieces and/or 3 100 word entries, OR at least 1 fully rendered (meets group requirements) piece of art or lit.)
Import Link:
Role: (Fighter/Medic/Support)
Rank: (Unranked/Renowned/Elder)
Pack Mate Bonus Roll: (Did you include a packmate in at least 2 raid pieces? Link them here!)
Damage Bonus Roll: Yes/No (Select "yes" if your ketucari dealt 750 or more damage - 3% of Kalet's total HP. This can be found in the raid database linked at the bottom of the raid journal)
Titles Earned: (Please include links to proof of titles)
If you met the criteria for a pack to claim territory from the raid, please follow the link below to claim it!

Click here to claim territory from the raid!

We have updated territory claims - if you are a pack leader claiming territory for your pack, please read this! You can now claim territory with one full piece, or three sketch pieces - both should depict at least two pack members (this can include your own). You can enter for multiple territory claims, however, you can only have one full territory claim per unique pack member, whether that's a full piece or three sketch pieces.

Thank you everyone for your amazing participation, and we're looking forward to the next raid!


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