Mini-update: Crafting Additions!

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A variety of new legendary items have been added to give new options to some of our newer disciplines!

You can now obtain the codecies via the legacy store or legendary item swaps.

Our new items are:


Divine Wine - Can be used to resurrect cubs while on cooldown for resurrection, resetting the cooldown in the process.


EVA Toolkit - Allows your ketucari to adventure in any zones they don't have the skills for, though it doesn't give them any treasure chest rolls linked to skills they don't have.

Surgical Suite - Can change the sex of an uploaded ketucari.

Personal Radar - Renders a ketucari immune to KOs in a specific zone, specified on equipping.


Bottled Glamour - Allows for a number of odd and unnatural effects to be applied to one of a ketucari's genes, or even (with the sacrifice of the proper token) display a gene your ketucari doesn't actually have! It's pretty complex, so there's a miniguide for it:

Additionally, we have one new non-legendary crafting item, the Stoplight Stuffed Peppers (cooking). This can be applied to an unuploaded genotype during design approval to change the base coat family to one of your choice. The actual genotype string for your newly specified coat will be assigned by an admin.

We also now have a beginner tier armor set that can be crafted without an advanced armorsmith! It's called "cloth armor", and is meant to give folks starting out a leg up. As an added bonus to help compensate for its low armor value, it acts as either an infinite-use Energy Shield or infinite-use Night Vision Goggles for the equipped ketucari, depending on what's used to make it. Cloth armor made with bamboo and/or herbs allows access to Antikutan, and cloth armor made with glass allows access to the Gusting Caverns. 

As a side note, there's an event coming down the pipe (likely next month) with a heavy emphasis on breeding. If you've got any ketucari you want to get breedable before then, we reccomend starting work on it now! (Please get hyped or I'll cry :P)




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