KT-2971: Riusdar

Owned by Frostwalker
  • Gift art is not allowed
  • Gift writing is not allowed
  • Not up for trades
Name: Riusdar
Nicknames: Riu
ID: KT-2971
Ownership: Frostwalker
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Cautious / Kind / Alert / Shy / Desperate / Lonely / Fearful

Can your ketucari make it to elderhood properly, using only their own wits and skills?

Your goal is to reach Breedable, Elder Status, 1200 Armor, 250 in both battle stats, and 100 in all adventure stats, and Master a crafting discipline.
You must do this without losing any battles or reaching 0 armor.

You may take a complete blank slate ketucari or create a new one if you wish. You may take as long as you like on the challenge.


1: Potions and armor may only be crafted from materials the ketucari harvested personally.

2: Your ketucari may trade items with other characters to obtain items that cannot be crafted or crafting materials they currently lack, this must be depicted in lit or art.
2 cont: Trading may be done with your own ketucari to allow your Nuzlocke ket(s) access to the larger whole of your inventory.

3: If your ketucari loses a battle, they must immediately be deceased. They must battle every 5 activities. (You are permitted to draw their death).
3A: Battles should be relatively evenly matched. One Raw Hate may be used, if your ketucari can acquire one.
3B: Your Ketucari is permitted to survive if Narrow Escape Triggers up to 3 times.

4: Tarns are allowed.

5: If you ketucari ever hits 0 Armor, they must be deceased. (You are permitted to draw their death).

6: The Nuzlocke Rules must be listed on your ketucari's import, including any optional rules you choose to apply

OPTIONAL RULES (Add more at your own leisure):
-All Progress must be your own/no commissioned or gifted art
-all breeding slots canon (requires a Breeding Image of the pair interacting)

Pack: N/A

Attunement: N/A

Titles/Achievements: N/A

Backgrounds: N/A

Armor: 85/85
Strength: 0/500
Dexterity: 0/500
Cunning: 20/200
Perception: 20/200
Intellect: 0/200
Willpower: 20/200
Luck: 0/200

Equipment: None
Accessories: None
Companions: None

Sex: Male (Toa)
Gender/Pronouns: he/him
Genotype: ee/ss/Kk/nHp/nPn/Ww
Phenotype: Bronze with hued points, pangare
Build: Standard

Breedable? No
Lifetime Breedings: 0/0
Nobility: 20
------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: KT-563: Tungsten
------------------------------------------ SSD: ST-011: Sirahn
Sire: KT-2378: Dionysus
------------------------------------------ SDS: KT-420: Bard Taliesin
----------------- SD: KT-1550: Song of Myself
------------------------------------------ SDD: KT-881: Uncia
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: KT-2530: Lilith, The Winged Matchmaker (F/B/E)
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Designed By: N/A
Art By: N/A

Technical Details

9 January 2023, 05:46:25 UTC

Can be gifted
Can be traded
Can be sold
No additional notes given.