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Breeding proof: [If it was your original breeding, just state as such]
Desired genes:
Other information: [Such as gift art or details for Cloning Vat! Make sure to also send your gift art manually, Lorekeeper doesn't ping in comments]

2023-08-02 01:56:40 (Edited 2023-08-02 01:56:43)

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Breeding proof: Original Breeding
Desired genes: Stone C - Gradient, Partial, Cloak, Pangare; U - Satin, Tint; Muts - Horns, Long Fur (for Phoenix feathers) OR Phoenix Trails if fur isn't kosher. :)
Other information: none

2023-09-01 05:55:51 (Edited 2023-09-01 07:21:12)

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Long fur allowed and has set your feather type to Any!

Your geno is:
Genotype: Ee/Ss/Kk+C/nSat/nGr/nPar/nClk/nPn/+Hrn
Phenotype: Satin Stone with Gradient, Partial, Cloak, Pangare
Mutations: Horns
Feather Type: ANY - Choose at upload
Build: Ketixi

Sire: Livia ST-2789
DD: Raiiax RXX-125

2023-09-01 21:57:16 (Edited 2023-09-01 21:57:33)

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Breeding proof: Main event 1
Desired genes:

Wings, Dragon (if possible)
Harpy, Lintosi (Blue and Yellow)
scale marks, if I can all get horns then horns please
Sable, ripple, mud, dapple

Other information: Gift art:

I’m so sorry if my gene count is off or something should be in a different rarity tier

2023-08-31 23:38:01

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Your gene count needs revisions!

Base: ? (i need to know this for the genotype please and thank youuuu)
Common: Sable, Ripple, Mud, Dapple
Uncommon: Scale Marks
Mutations: Horns
Rare: Lintosi, Wings (the one just called "wings" is the dragon/bat wings (: )
Feather type: Harpy

-Horns are classed as a Rixixi mutation, they can be drawn as like. Anything. Not just the ketu-style horns. They are uncommon in pass rate, but an uncommon mutation.
-Technically you could get Wings if you didn't want horns as well - Wings is made up of Vestigial Wings + Vestigial Wings so if you used both of your mutation slots, you could use that to combine into Wings. 0:

basically, you've gotta pick one to remove. If it were me, I'd remove Horns, because it's easier to get the chrono shard to add it back on, but that's entirely your choice. Let me know what you choose. (You can also add on one more uncommon marking if you want)

If you reply a little after the event closes, it's absolutely fine, we'll still get you your semi.

2023-09-01 02:03:59 (Edited 2023-09-01 02:04:50)

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I’m so sorry for this late reply. I’m finally alive again x_x if this is too late after the event, that’s okay. I’ll save the semi idea for next year.

I will remove horns and add inferno.
Charcoal feels good for the base!

2023-10-07 11:40:35

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Breeding proof: (this is my second trade)
Desired genes:
Charcoal Base
common: unders, sable, stamped, accents
uncommon: xanadu, webbing
rare: lunar vapor
mutations: deepsea (gills+vwings)
this design isn't 100% set so I may swapshard some of these choices later, I hope that's okay
Other information: gift art for rare/feather

2023-08-31 20:41:33

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Anarchie Staff Member

You can swap for free as long as it's the same rarity!

Your geno is:
Genotype: EE/SS/KK/nTpt/nSb/nSmp/nAc/nXan/nWb/nLv/+DpSea
Phenotype: Charcoal with Tar Pit, Sable, Stamped, Accents, Xanadu, Webbing, Lunar Vapor
Mutations: Deepsea
Feather Type: Nicobar
Build: Ketixi

Dam: Lykke ST-2592

2023-09-01 01:58:05

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Breeding Proof:
Desired Genes:
oh no. (i am sorry. i have not had time to look i will edit with gene chOICES)
buff ? base ???
4 Common (Washout, Accents, Lacing, Sable)
2 Uncommon (Lampworked, Tint)
1 Rare (Sulfur??)
2 Mutations (tail spike, uhhh. archangel if that's legal)
Other information: Gift art for +1 Rare and +1 Feather type!

2023-08-31 06:44:07 (Edited 2023-08-31 07:04:42)

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Breeding Proof: Original!
Desired Genes: (not organized I'M SORRY)
Brown (from aulik)
Lunar Vapor
Vestigial Wings
Wide Vents
Other Information: Cloning Vat ( x, headshots here :

2023-08-31 06:41:51 (Edited 2023-08-31 07:05:44)

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IIIXKitsuneXIII Staff Member

Breeding proof:
Desired genes:
Base: Charcoal

Common: Accents, Quail, Pangare, Mottling
Uncommon: Lampworked, Tint
Rare: Lintosi
Mutations: Mackerel, Gills
Feathers: Phoenix
Other information: [Such as gift art or details for Cloning Vat! Make sure to also send your gift art manually, Lorekeeper doesn't ping in comments]

Gift Art: Gift Art for Hawkweed

2023-08-31 06:32:03 (Edited 2023-08-31 06:32:37)

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Breeding proof:
Desired genes:
Base: Charcoal
Feather type: Jacobin
Common: Daggerstabbed Burst, Sable, Pangare, Mottling
Uncommon: Smokey, Shimmer
Rare: Lunar vapor
Mutations: Incense, Halos
Other information: art of ( for @bunnikens. Using 1x Gemcrafted Shard - Colorpitch, using 1x scarification kit to remove frills on arms

2023-08-30 05:09:26

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pawstepsinthesnow Staff Member

Breeding Proof: Original breeding.
Desired genes:
-Base: Buff
-Feather type: Harpy
-Common: Sable, Gradient, Accents, Dusky Points
-Uncommon: Flaxen
-Rare: Chimera (Ketucari-style) (Flaxen Buff and Red)
-Mutations: Vestigial Wings, Wing Arms
Other information: Image Gift for Kitsu

2023-08-30 00:41:03

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Breeding proof: Advertising Bonus
Desired genes:
- Base: Buff
- Feather Type: Phoenix
- Common: Accents, Dusky Points, Washout, Sunny Ember
- Uncommon: Gecko
- Rare: Tortoiseshell
- Mutations: Centaur (Two Sleipnir > Centaur)
Other information: Gift art for Anar!

2023-08-28 16:04:22 (Edited 2023-08-28 16:17:07)

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Breeding Proof: Main Event 1 (Link) / Second Semicustom!
Desired Genes:
- Base: Charcoal
- Feather Type: Jacobin
- Common: Quail, Raccoon, Ticking, Pangare
- Uncommon: Mirror, Kaurphyt Lines
- Rare: Lintosi (Jade, Luminary)
- Mutations: Bicolor, Halos
Other Information: Fullbody of KT-726 for Moon :D (Link)

2023-08-28 00:50:27 (Edited 2023-08-29 03:48:54)