Zone Expansion + Feature Update!

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==July 1st 2021==
Further update to Zones!
After reviewing progress towards raids this last year and examining some user feedback (particularly from our more active users, you know who you are ;p) we've determined that Yes, Raids are in fact too difficult to trigger at both current activity levels and current goal levels for each zone! We miss Raids, too!
Similarly, the Zone Expansion update made our old system of tracking rather uh... obsolete.
So we've come to you with some small quality of life updates to Zone Tracking!
  1. We've changed all zones to a 250 Adventure scale! This is to match with the fact that all zones are easily accessible now, with the possible exceptions of Antikutan and Gusting Caverns, depending on how you view getting the skills to adventure there.
  2. Adventures are now weighted. What this means in practice, is that Beginner/Medium/Harsh take "more" from the zone. This is both closer to how zone depletion originally worked (if any of you remember the old maximum number of resources guage instead of total number of adventures), and will make it easier to trigger raids. Specifically: Beginner Adventures count for 1 per ketucari, Medium counts for 2, and Harsh counts for 3. These numbers and the totals may be changed at a later point if we determine that it's now too easy to trigger raids.
  3. Battles now count towards zone depletion! These are NOT weighted, and all battles will only count for 1 per ketucari.

As a reminder, there is a cooldown between Raids (only a month) and only one Raid can happen in a month, in order to give the admin team proper rest time and the ability to process anything that might be backburnered by there being an Active Raid.


Zone updates resulted in Zone Depletion Rebalancing, Raids should be easier to achieve now.
Beginner Adventures remain 1 adventure and Battles now count for 1 adventure
Medium Adventures now count for 2 towards zone depletion
High/Harsh Adventures now count for 3 towards zone depletion.


Also keep your eyes peeled in the next month, we've got something planned to hopefully help showcase and draw interest to all of the new fauna.

==May 18th 2021==
Hello, everyone! We have a huge update for you all! The short of it is that zones have been massively expanded, which brings changes to multiple areas of the group!
First off, let’s go over what’s new in the zones themselves!
  • Zone pages have been transferred to the site. You can find them linked on the dA group's front page!
  • Each zone now has beginner, medium, and harsh levels. You can find relevant drops for each level in each zone on their pages!
  • It is worth noting that while ketucari of any armor level now have an opportunity to hit any zone, the armor requirements for quest completion in each zone remain the same.
Next up, let’s talk about adventure changes as a result of the expansion!
  • New items have been added to adventure rolls! A lot of these are related to the new crafting disciplines, which we’ll go over in more detail below.
  • The adventure page has also been transferred to the site, with an updated submission form. Please check this out and use it in your submissions from now on! Adventures submitted before the update will still be rolled normally, and in the difficulty the zone was before the update!
  • Items for the cooking crafting discipline will be dropping in reaping adventures, while items for the engineering discipline will be dropping in prospecting adventures.
Now for battles!
  • We have added a LOT of new fauna, and some of the old fauna have moved difficulty levels within their zones!
  • Okurai have been removed from the game.
  • Some animals are missing pet versions-- these will be added in the near future! These pets are: Striped Tiag, Uise, Red-Throated Quilldog, Artistrict, Dellafin, and the Plains Lythersnitch.
  • If you navigate to the stash files attached to each animal, you will notice that their information contains things like “medium-hitting” and “hard-hitting”. In battles, defeating fauna labelled as “low-hitting” will give the default number of item rolls as a reward. Defeating a “medium-hitting” animal will give you one extra roll, while “hard-hitting” animals will net you 2 extra item rolls!
  • Some of the drops from each animal may have changed slightly as well.
There have been some changes to skills as well! Boon skills have seen a rework to make them more useful after adventure stats have reached their cap. These skills must be listed as bonuses on the adventure form if you wish to use them!
  • Prosperous now gives extra gold
  • Fortune seeker gives an extra roll in artifacts
  • Iron-willed gives an extra roll in ore/gems!
  • Observant gives an extra roll in herbs/cooking ingredients
  • Hunter gives an extra roll in animal parts
  • Keen Sight will now give a treasure chest roll in Terendum, Viridian Tangle, Ilahaesa Mountains, Singing Vale, Gusting Caverns
  • Aquatic will now give a treasure chest roll in Salamander Island, Plains of Messus, Terendum, and Kandriya in addition to the Obsidian Bluffs
  • Thick skin will now give a treasure chest roll in Kanibar Snowfields, Sunye Desert, Viridian Tangle, Shalekesh, Antikutan, Molten Highlands
  • Keen Sight, Aquatic, and Thick Skin must now be listed under bonuses on the adventure form as well.
Crafting has also seen a huge overhaul. The days of only being able to master one discipline are over!
  • Crafting is now tied to individual ketucari, and you can read all about how to unlock all the disciplines on the new crafting page!
  • Two new disciplines have been added: cooking and engineering! They bring a lot of new recipes to the table, so be sure to check them out.
  • The bait and forage items previously found in alchemy have been moved to cooking.
  • There are some new recipes in the old disciplines as well (some more than others) so it’s worth taking a gander at those pages, too.
  • Codices for the new legendaries will available in the raids of the following zones:
  • Salamander Soup: Salamander Island & Viridian Tangle
  • Lover's Banquet: Obsidian Bluffs & Blasting Moors
  • Ambrosia Ale: Singing Vale & Silverglade
  • Distress Beacon: Gusting Cavern & Antikutan
  • Scenic Hologram: Bayan Plateau & Jordskarn
  • Divine Heirloom: Sunye Wastes & Ilahaesa Mountains
  • Please note that since these items are new, some of their uses and the items needed to craft them may change as we monitor how they work in the game.
  • Alchemy, Armorsmithing, and Archaeology Licenses have been removed from the Marketplace a result of this update.
  • A new item has been added to the Marketplace that will allow you to add your ketucari’s pet(s) to their import sheet!
And that’s all for the feature updates! Lastly, I want to go over some staffing updates as well!
  • Goo-Lion and pawstepsinthesnow have joined the admin team!
  • If you’re part of the Discord, you may already be aware, but for those who are not:
  • You'll be steadily seeing ASimpleMoon playing an even bigger role in the group than she already does. This is because she has joined me (tidesage) as a group co-founder and will be sharing responsibilities and making group decisions as such. As big life changes are steadily pulling me away from online things, I will be taking a back seat in the group and sticking around mainly to answer lore questions and create group art. The group couldn’t be in better hands and I know it will thrive with Moon at the helm!
And that’s all for today, everyone! We hope you enjoy the new update and can’t wait to see what you all create with the content!