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Event Ends February 28th, 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

***A great thick poison fog that has seemingly forever covered a massive area of the western sea has started to lift, curious sailors and bystanders approach on boat, shocked to find an entirely new land!!


You join the first ships of curious onlookers approaching the docks, a pretty seaport village lays before you, you gaze in awe at the gorgeous lands around you, and...wait, ABOVE YOU?! Looking up one can in fact see hundreds of floating islands, some massive, some small, all incredibly impressive and seemingly held up by nothing!


Waterfalls cascade down from many of the islands, falling into shimmering freshwater lakes below. The lands underneath are vast gorgeous valleys of vibrant wildflowers and shrubbery, a few scattered trees can be seen among the rolling floral hills, in the distance your eyes fall upon the shimmering mirage like salt flats that scatter about the beautiful lands. 


Flocks of gorgeous feathered beasts circle above, releasing gentle birdsong into the air, you can see now just how filled with LIFE this strange new world is. Huge horned beasts graze among the lowlands as tiny raptor-like avians perch atop their backs. It’s beautiful, and entirely new.


You’re so busy staring at what's around you that you don’t notice the small strange figure in front of you until she’s practically shouting for your attention. “Hey! There you are, jeez, I know it's pretty but it's rude not to say hello you know! Especially in the presence of divinity!” She grins at your look of confusion, a gentle laugh coming from her. “Don’t worry you’ll meet them soon!” She beams and you finally get the chance to REALLY look at her. She’s small, but very much ketucari like in scent and appearance, she almost reminds you of Danuoc, but smaller…and ketified, and very fluffy.


“Oh! I can see you staring, that’s also kinda rude you know? But I don’t mind, it's probably a lot to take in huh? Well it’s a good thing I’m here! I’m Aira! Or Ai...whichever you prefer! I’m the ambassador of this land, what land you may ask? Why Zolkanis of course!” She darts around you excitedly, seemingly filled with energy. “I’m a ketucari like you, but I was made from Danuoc, just like Ryno has made ketucari from herself, you’d be surprised how many of us are here!” She notes your look of confusion. “Oh, well, you’re probably wondering why we’re here huh?”


 A look of sadness crosses her face. “A very long time ago, the wars threatened to wipe our kind from Velukaelo, so Danuoc gathered us all up and brought us here, to her best friend, the domain guardian of this zone, Igyera. They promised Danuoc that they would protect us no matter what, and then cast their poison fog in a barrier outside the land, protecting us until Danuoc felt it was safe once more for us to be free.”


She looks thoughtful. “She asked me to act as an ambassador for you all, to welcome you to these wonderful lands and answer any questions you might have about us all!!” She smiles, her tail flicking. “Follow me!! We have a huge journey ahead of us!”

Welcome to Zolkanis! The New Zone of Velukaelo, home of the danuoc build ketucari!


There are many events to discover here including the chance for a danuoc ket to join you in your future adventures. Follow Aira as she leads you around this wild new world!




Greeting Igyera: Enter Here


Aira encourages you to say hello to the domain guardian Igyera. As you follow her you see a massive avian like beast, with not one, but TWO heads. Their gaze lands on you and their wings stretch contentedly. “Hello stranger, welcome to our lands, you are welcome here as long as you cause no troubles.” The first head speaks, their voice soft and melodic. “Please take this gift as a show of our good faith, and please be sure to have fun and spread the word to your friends!” The second head speaks in a deeper more boisterous tone, before handing you the gift they pull from the satchel by their feet. You thank them before following Aira to the next event.

Task: Depict your ketucari meeting Igyera, this can be a doodle or 200 word blurb of them interacting with the domain guardian, the doodle must depict at least 50% of Igyera.


Reward: A bag of coins and one otter pup of your choice. (50 Gold and user picks their otter color)

Asking Aira: ENTER HERE

Aira is happy to answer any questions you may have about Zolkanis or Danuoc Ketucari, in fact she may just treat you to some things if you’re polite enough!


Task: Ask a question, any question! If you present your question in the form of a small roleplay blurb Aira will happily answer and interact with you back the same way, and even give you a small reward! (30 gold + a small doodle or written blurb of her interacting with the ket you choose to ask the question)

Requirements for reward: 100 word rp blurb asking your question, please specify which of your kets is asking (for the doodle/rp response purpose) !!

Reward: 30 gold + a small doodle or blurb of Aira interacting with your ket!! (Drawn by ASimpleMoon)


You may ask up to one question a day!

Newfound Friends (Danuoc Ketucari Import Raffle)

Aira brings you over to a small group of more Danuoc Kets, they stand up excitedly, grinning at the sight of a newcomer. “These are my friends, they’ve been looking forward to this day forever! They would love to get to know you and show you some of our coolest sights! Who knows, if they like you enough they may just decide to come home with you!” She winks, allowing you to introduce yourself.


Task: An image or story of your ketucari exploring Zolkanis with one of the danuoc kets looking for new friends, they could visit the Salt Flats, or perhaps the capital city of Zolk, maybe even showing you the quieter less advanced seaport city Hazefall.


Requirements: Literature should be a minimum of 500 words, drawn entries must meet the groups submission requirements, 60% of the danuoc ket you are entering for must be visible.


You may enter for more than one danuoc ketucari however you may only include up to TWO danuocs per entry image.


If you include Aira in your image you get a bonus prize of your choice of a Lucky Coin, Magic Arrow or Dynamite (found in the laurel shop) 50% of Aira must be depicted. (**Aira’s owner will not be using these images for bonding or themes to make things fair! This is simply a way to earn more prizes!**)


At the end of the event the winners will be rolled and the Danuoc kets will be written over, names and personality are allowed to be changed, however the design can not be changed, the winners can not sell the won danuoc ket, only trade, the won danuoc kets can NOT be deceased, they must be given back to the group or traded instead.

Raffle entries may be used for bonding levels with the permission of the artist.
There will be up to 6 winners depending on number of entrants.
Pieces used for the raffle may also be used in the following activities:
-Adventuring (starting March)
-Battles (starting March)
-Skill Unlocks

They may NOT double for:
-Wanderer Entries



Here are the new friends!!

-enter for 2771 here



-enter for 2772 here-



-enter for 2773 here-



-enter for 2774 here-



-enter for 2775 here-



-enter for 2776 here-





Otter Races: Enter Here


(You may enter three times )

Req: A colored sketch or 300 word blurb of your ket interacting with an otter or watching them race!


Place your bet on one of four racing otters! Depending on what your chosen otter places will determine your prize!


The racers are named the following:


  1. Danuocs’s Little Helper
  2. Whoops There He Goes
  3. Toasted Cheese Sandwich
  4. Unusual Smells


1st Place: Randomly rolled otter and 35 gold.

2nd Place: Randomly rolled zolkanis pet and 25 gold (Excludes otters.)

3rd Place: 25 gold

4th place: 15 gold

Weasel Wrangling: Enter Here

(you may enter three times)
Req: a colored sketch or 300 word blurb of your ketucari interacting with a Vanttor!

Can You pin down a greased weasel? Wanna prove it? Good luck pinning one of Zolkanis’s winged wolverines, the Vanttor!

Success: 35 gold and player’s choice of a random Vanttor pup or the stats from a battle roll
Failure: 5 gold and the stats from a battle roll.


Airfare tour: Enter Here

(you may enter three times)
Req: a colored sketch or 300 word blurb of your ketucari riding in/on one of Zolkanis’ many methods of air travel! If they aren’t a fan of actual flying, then show them learning about a method of air travel. 

Options of air travel include: Gliders, Wing suits, Caped Wyvern, Hot air balloon, Air ships 

Your choice of an artifact, geology, or botany database  

Air Races: Enter Here



(You may enter twice.)

Req: A colored sketch or 300 word blurb of your ket competing in an air race using either a wingsuit, glider, or riding a caped wyvern!


Do your best to compete in this Zolkanis sport! Will you outfly the competition? Or fly just for fun, leisurely soaring along? Just be careful not to crash along the course! 


Prizes: all participants will win a randomly rolled Caped wyvern chick and a large trinket

If you win a race, you’ll also net a winners chest! 




Semi-Custom bonus!

As an added bonus, we've decided to include a Semi-custom prize!
Anyone who enters all of the NON-Import Raffle mini-games and events at least once may post [here] to get a semi-custom ketucari!



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