Raid Incoming! And A New Quest!

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The Plains of Messus have reached the threshold of 250 adventures, signaling it’s time for a raid! To give everyone time to prepare for the event, and do WaLoS in April, we will be holding the Plains of Messus raid in May. Until the end of the raid, the zone will remain closed, meaning no adventures or battles may be submitted in the Plains of Messus at this time.

Additionally, the Harbinger titles this time go to Evermore KT-1638, Feel It Still KT-2453, and Saturn KT-1255, for the following piece! Anarchisme and ASimpleMoon, redeem at Titles and How to Earn Them!



Effective immediately, a new quest is available over on Elder Island!

As of now, you can take Renowned ketucari and give them a full-body makeover by changing their feather type!
As with The Inner You this quest costs stats and sacred items, but it takes fewer steps other than reaching Renowned.

We hope everyone enjoys it =3



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