KT-2690: Caravan Palace

Owned by ASimpleMoon
  • Gift art is not allowed
  • Not up for trades
Name: Caravan
Nicknames: Cara , Carav , Palace, Van
ID: KT-2690
Ownership: ASimpleMoon
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Bonding: 0/100



Caravan is no nonsense, tough, but also incredibly fliratious and flaunts their stuff, they're gorgeous and they know it, the leader of a crime syndicate spread all over velukaelo, they have their paw dipped in everyones business and know how to use it to their advantage.


Don't get in their way, or do, they may just find they like you.

And you DEFINITELY want to be on their good side, a vicious fighter that holds nothing back. 


Stay on their good side. For your own sake.


Look how the streets turn cold when I walk it
It's my rules, no man can stop it
I throw a kick so quick that'll leave you in the gutter
Leave you in the gutter, gutter, gutter




Pack: N/A

Attunement: N/A

Titles/Achievements: N/A

Backgrounds: N/A

Armor: 50/50
Strength: 0/500
Dexterity: 0/500
Cunning: 0/200
Perception: 0/200
Intellect: 0/200
Willpower: 0/200
Luck: 0/200

Equipment: None
  • Slicked Horn Token
Companions: None

Sex: Male (Toa)
Gender/Pronouns: They/Them
Genotype: ee/SS/KK/nDsk/nGi/nPn/nVp/ww
Phenotype: Bronze with dusky points, girin, pangare, vapor
Build: Standard

Breedable? No
Lifetime Breedings: 0/0
Nobility: 0
------------------------------------------ SSS: KT-563: Tungsten
----------------- SS: KT-674: Argon
------------------------------------------ SSD: KT-181: Qilaq
Sire: KT-714: Osiris
------------------------------------------ SDS: ST-533: Bolton
----------------- SD: KT-580: Andromeda
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: ST-2592: Lykke
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Designed By: Nightshadow
Art By: N/A

Technical Details

3 October 2021, 00:53:29 UTC

Can be gifted
Can be traded
Can be sold
No additional notes given.