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Here are the basics of horns!

• Horns must be genetically inherited in order to appear on your cub's design. They are not a "free for all" like jaw types.
  Horns have no group-defined rarity. The demand for certain horn types is decided by the playerbase.
• Cubs can only inherit horns that their parents possess.
• Garoch plates follow horn color rules

•  Currently, horns only come in primary, secondary, and tertiary placement options.
• Primary horns pass at a 30% rate, while Secondary and Tertiary pass at a 35%
•  Primary horns should be positioned on the forehead. They are larger and are sometimes more ornate than secondaries.
 Secondary horns are positioned on the bridge of the nose.
• Tertiary horns are positioned in the cheek and lower jaw areas.
 An individual ketucari can only have one primary set and one secondary set of horns and one set of tertiary horns.

All currently available horns can be found in one of these packs, along with instructions on how to apply them to your design:
Please note that Danuoc horns and Standard/Ryno horns can be used on any build if edited to fit; they are grouped by the base they were drawn for.


Horn Color

Like with any other gene, there is a specific set of rules to follow when coloring in your ketucari's horns. Be sure to read thoroughly to make sure your design
is accepted the first time around! Here are the options for coloring horns:

Natural Colors

Natural colors (such as gray, brown, tan, and white) are the first option for coloring horns. Bolton, Big Red, and Tashtai all sport the "natural color" option.
8ae05c61edf040631ffb83420466c214 by Matriarchs-Haunt0133903940dfd2da1fd7f93b6be19eee by Matriarchs-HauntB0c06b976eb423c026dfcdff45e55566 by Matriarchs-Haunt

Colors Found on the Coat

Alternatively, you may use any color found on your ketucari's coat. For example, if your ketucari has hued points, you may color the horns the same color used
for the hued points. You may also match the horns to the base color or any other marking color your ketucari expresses.
Below, Daniyi's horns have taken on the color of her hued points.
F0c3e265fbfb125f6a19e64fea39d4e1 by Matriarchs-Haunt

Gradients and Details

Arrow left Horns may have a subtle gradient within the same color (ex. dark blue to light blue) or any two colors found on the ket*
Arrow left Horns may fade to black or white, similar to cow horns.


Arrow left All markings can appear on horns as long as they are recognizeably a result of those genes. Those markings must be present on the ketucari itself.
Ranunculus 1471 by Matriarchs-Haunt
Geode appearing on horn

Rosaire 572 by Matriarchs-Haunt
Radiance appearing on and affecting horns.

 Toro 905 by Matriarchs-Haunt
Piebald affecting horns

  Azriel 1113 by Matriarchs-Haunt
Scalemarks on horns.

Nulas 1287 by Matriarchs-Haunt
Simple highlights

Long Dream 2488 by Matriarchs-Haunt

Warren 2335 by Matriarchs-Haunt
Base coat ->Marking gradients.

Jacque 2324 by Matriarchs-Haunt
Dusky+base coat

Iceri 2229 by Matriarchs-Haunt
Dusky + Pangare + highlights

Arrow left You may include subtle highlights on horns, as found on Tashtai:
B0c06b976eb423c026dfcdff45e55566 by Matriarchs-Haunt

• Engravings/scars on horns require Battle Scars from the Marketplace, battles, or the Laurel Shop!