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Site Update! Comments and Exalted Levels!

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Hello Everyone! You may have noticed a brief period of downtime and been forcibly logged out of the site earlier today (November 5th, 2021)
We have done some updates to Lorekeeper!

At the first opportunity, please go into "Settings" on your account and add a birthday. This is for security purposes!

Included in these we now have the following!
-Comments on submissions, so that we can stop sending you back to corrections for broken links and other form errors!
-An Expanded bonding bar!

And with the expanded bonding bar we have Another update!

Exalted Leveling and Rewards

Exalted Levels are very similar to Bonding levels, and in fact are an expansion on the system! Exalted levels are unlocked when your ketucari reaches Bonding Level 10 and becomes an Elder. You cannot claim Exalted levels before that point.
Exalted levels will be expanded as time goes on and ketucari receive more and more art.
Increasing your Exalted bar level is simple: just use your ketucari in the group! For every five pieces related to group activities in which the ketucari is featured, the bond bar will fill in one bullet/level.
And with Exalted levels being live, so too is the Rare Token Claim for Bonding Level 10!
The Rare token claim Is Retroactive and we will be allowing a grace period to allow existing level 10 bonding ketucari to claim their tokens. We will be monitoring these claims for abuse and if necessary may limit those claims to One per player per month.
Rare Gene Tokens Do NOT include Feather types.
Please look at the bonding journal for more information:

Monster Movie Bonus Raffle

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As an extra thank you to everyone and a last round of frights before the great Halloween night, we're offering a BONUS IMPORT RAFFLE for all entrants into the Trick or Treat minievent!


Please check out the DeviantArt journal for the details! 

7 Days of Trick or Treating

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Hello and welcome to a small Halloween event!

Each day, a prompt will appear on this journal with a small prize for its completion! Prompts for this event will require just a headshot sketch/100 word lit entry (unless otherwise specified - but anything else will be similarly quick due to the daily entry aspect)! There will not be an additional prize for completing all 7 days, so don't worry if you miss one!

Have a happy, safe, and haunted end of your October!

Each prompt will show up at midnight pacific time on this deviantart journal! Head there to drop off your comments!
The second prompt will show up on Tuesday - the first prompt has appeared early to give folks a bit of extra time to know this is here!

Endearing Display Raffle - Eros

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Runs from September 29, 2021 - end of day October 31st 2021

We have a very special slot raffle for you today!

5 lucky winners will take home a slot to Eros, who has the Endearing Display lineage skill! To enter, simply comment on This Thread!



  • One entry per person!
  • Entrants must not already have had a slot to Cupid! Only slots apply for this rule - cubs obtained outside of one's own breedings do not.

Eros will appear again in the future, so if you don't obtain a slot this time, there's always Matchmaker!

Zone Expansion + Feature Update!

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==July 1st 2021==
Further update to Zones!
After reviewing progress towards raids this last year and examining some user feedback (particularly from our more active users, you know who you are ;p) we've determined that Yes, Raids are in fact too difficult to trigger at both current activity levels and current goal levels for each zone! We miss Raids, too!
Similarly, the Zone Expansion update made our old system of tracking rather uh... obsolete.
So we've come to you with some small quality of life updates to Zone Tracking!
  1. We've changed all zones to a 250 Adventure scale! This is to match with the fact that all zones are easily accessible now, with the possible exceptions of Antikutan and Gusting Caverns, depending on how you view getting the skills to adventure there.
  2. Adventures are now weighted. What this means in practice, is that Beginner/Medium/Harsh take "more" from the zone. This is both closer to how zone depletion originally worked (if any of you remember the old maximum number of resources guage instead of total number of adventures), and will make it easier to trigger raids. Specifically: Beginner Adventures count for 1 per ketucari, Medium counts for 2, and Harsh counts for 3. These numbers and the totals may be changed at a later point if we determine that it's now too easy to trigger raids.
  3. Battles now count towards zone depletion! These are NOT weighted, and all battles will only count for 1 per ketucari.

As a reminder, there is a cooldown between Raids (only a month) and only one Raid can happen in a month, in order to give the admin team proper rest time and the ability to process anything that might be backburnered by there being an Active Raid.


Zone updates resulted in Zone Depletion Rebalancing, Raids should be easier to achieve now.
Beginner Adventures remain 1 adventure and Battles now count for 1 adventure
Medium Adventures now count for 2 towards zone depletion
High/Harsh Adventures now count for 3 towards zone depletion.


Also keep your eyes peeled in the next month, we've got something planned to hopefully help showcase and draw interest to all of the new fauna.

==May 18th 2021==
Hello, everyone! We have a huge update for you all! The short of it is that zones have been massively expanded, which brings changes to multiple areas of the group!
First off, let’s go over what’s new in the zones themselves!
  • Zone pages have been transferred to the site. You can find them linked on the dA group's front page!
  • Each zone now has beginner, medium, and harsh levels. You can find relevant drops for each level in each zone on their pages!
  • It is worth noting that while ketucari of any armor level now have an opportunity to hit any zone, the armor requirements for quest completion in each zone remain the same.
Next up, let’s talk about adventure changes as a result of the expansion!
  • New items have been added to adventure rolls! A lot of these are related to the new crafting disciplines, which we’ll go over in more detail below.
  • The adventure page has also been transferred to the site, with an updated submission form. Please check this out and use it in your submissions from now on! Adventures submitted before the update will still be rolled normally, and in the difficulty the zone was before the update!
  • Items for the cooking crafting discipline will be dropping in reaping adventures, while items for the engineering discipline will be dropping in prospecting adventures.
Now for battles!
  • We have added a LOT of new fauna, and some of the old fauna have moved difficulty levels within their zones!
  • Okurai have been removed from the game.
  • Some animals are missing pet versions-- these will be added in the near future! These pets are: Striped Tiag, Uise, Red-Throated Quilldog, Artistrict, Dellafin, and the Plains Lythersnitch.
  • If you navigate to the stash files attached to each animal, you will notice that their information contains things like “medium-hitting” and “hard-hitting”. In battles, defeating fauna labelled as “low-hitting” will give the default number of item rolls as a reward. Defeating a “medium-hitting” animal will give you one extra roll, while “hard-hitting” animals will net you 2 extra item rolls!
  • Some of the drops from each animal may have changed slightly as well.
There have been some changes to skills as well! Boon skills have seen a rework to make them more useful after adventure stats have reached their cap. These skills must be listed as bonuses on the adventure form if you wish to use them!
  • Prosperous now gives extra gold
  • Fortune seeker gives an extra roll in artifacts
  • Iron-willed gives an extra roll in ore/gems!
  • Observant gives an extra roll in herbs/cooking ingredients
  • Hunter gives an extra roll in animal parts
  • Keen Sight will now give a treasure chest roll in Terendum, Viridian Tangle, Ilahaesa Mountains, Singing Vale, Gusting Caverns
  • Aquatic will now give a treasure chest roll in Salamander Island, Plains of Messus, Terendum, and Kandriya in addition to the Obsidian Bluffs
  • Thick skin will now give a treasure chest roll in Kanibar Snowfields, Sunye Desert, Viridian Tangle, Shalekesh, Antikutan, Molten Highlands
  • Keen Sight, Aquatic, and Thick Skin must now be listed under bonuses on the adventure form as well.
Crafting has also seen a huge overhaul. The days of only being able to master one discipline are over!
  • Crafting is now tied to individual ketucari, and you can read all about how to unlock all the disciplines on the new crafting page!
  • Two new disciplines have been added: cooking and engineering! They bring a lot of new recipes to the table, so be sure to check them out.
  • The bait and forage items previously found in alchemy have been moved to cooking.
  • There are some new recipes in the old disciplines as well (some more than others) so it’s worth taking a gander at those pages, too.
  • Codices for the new legendaries will available in the raids of the following zones:
  • Salamander Soup: Salamander Island & Viridian Tangle
  • Lover's Banquet: Obsidian Bluffs & Blasting Moors
  • Ambrosia Ale: Singing Vale & Silverglade
  • Distress Beacon: Gusting Cavern & Antikutan
  • Scenic Hologram: Bayan Plateau & Jordskarn
  • Divine Heirloom: Sunye Wastes & Ilahaesa Mountains
  • Please note that since these items are new, some of their uses and the items needed to craft them may change as we monitor how they work in the game.
  • Alchemy, Armorsmithing, and Archaeology Licenses have been removed from the Marketplace a result of this update.
  • A new item has been added to the Marketplace that will allow you to add your ketucari’s pet(s) to their import sheet!
And that’s all for the feature updates! Lastly, I want to go over some staffing updates as well!
  • Goo-Lion and pawstepsinthesnow have joined the admin team!
  • If you’re part of the Discord, you may already be aware, but for those who are not:
  • You'll be steadily seeing ASimpleMoon playing an even bigger role in the group than she already does. This is because she has joined me (tidesage) as a group co-founder and will be sharing responsibilities and making group decisions as such. As big life changes are steadily pulling me away from online things, I will be taking a back seat in the group and sticking around mainly to answer lore questions and create group art. The group couldn’t be in better hands and I know it will thrive with Moon at the helm!
And that’s all for today, everyone! We hope you enjoy the new update and can’t wait to see what you all create with the content!

What a Load of Shift 2021

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Ketu Pantheon - Darhaskos by Umbrafen

What a Load of Shift 2021! 

It's that time of year again! Darhaskos doesn't usually like to come out and play, but it seems that he was in the mood for one particularly pesky prank! A handful of Ketucari have woken up transformed into new bodies! What in the world is happening? It appears Darhaskos has put you into the shoes of the other races of Velukaelo. The magic is strong, but is bound to wear off in a few hours. Maybe you can learn to harness this skill and use the magic as your own? Or maybe you just want to go home and sleep it off? (You weenie. Get out of bed.)

EVENT ENDS 4-30-21*

EXTENDED TO 5-7-2021 (MAY 7)

 This event is reoccurring, and will happen again in April 2022.


The winner of the starter slots is EverlastingStables!

The winner of the Strong Herbal Brew is CeriMond!

The winner of the Herbal Brew is LunaKirran!

Hibridi King Gunagi by Umbrafen

Note: If you want, you may enter multiple times with one ketucari*. This is for those who want only one or two ketucari changed, or do not own more than one. After your initial entry that shows their new form, you can do more pieces depicting them for additional entries!! HOWEVER, these still counts towards your entry limit. Keep that in mind! You're only able to get up to five tickets for this event.

*If entering multiple times with one ketucari, they must either be the same race in each depiction, or you must be very clear in the descriptions which race their shift form is.
Prompts do not have to be "new" (as in posted after the event starts) however they cannot have been sumitted for previous years, use with Darhaskos's Talismans, or with Small Flip Coins.

Art Prompt

Darhaskos has played a trick on you! Your ketucari has been transformed into one of Velukaelo's races. Draw your ketucari as one of the following. (Your choice!)
Bullet; White Human
Bullet; White Akadri
Bullet; White Jordskar
Bullet; White Hibridi
Bullet; White Heldyr
Bullet; White Lucedarian
(Information about these races can be found at the bottom of THIS page)
NEW: As of 2021, you may instead transform your ketucari into one of Verukaelo's fauna (or any earth animal)!

Bullet; White You may make a reference, a simple standing sketch, a full illustration, or anything in between! All are acceptable.
Bullet; White Must be full body. 70% of the body must be visible. (For those of you who hate drawing hands!)
Bullet; White Must be colored. Does not have to have shading.
Bullet; White While humanoid shift forms don't need to resemble the ketucari, please remember that animal forms Do.
Bullet; White Yes, you are allowed to include an outfit! Darhaskos isn't that cruel.
Bullet; White Nudity allowed. Please censor The Bits and apply the correct DA filter. Please be mature about this and do not include anything that would be considered erotic, thank you.

Submit your entries HERE 

Writing Prompt

Darhaskos has played a trick on you! Your Ketucari has been transformed into one of Velukaelo's races. (Your choice!)
Bullet; White Human
Bullet; White Akadri
Bullet; White Jordskar
Bullet; White Hibridi
Bullet; White Heldyr
Bullet; White Lucedarian
(Information about these races can be found at the bottom of THIS page)
NEW: As of 2021, you may instead transform your ketucari into one of Verukaelo's fauna (or any earth animal)!

What happens when they transform? How do they deal with it? How do others react to it? What do they look like? Tell us a story about this life-changing event!

Bullet; White 300 words minimum per Ketucari.
Bullet; White Must have a decent description of what the Ketucari looks like in their new form at some point in the literature piece.
Bullet; White While humanoid shift forms don't need to resemble the ketucari, please remember that animal forms Do.
Bullet; White Roleplays are allowed, as long as the above requirements are met!

Submit your entries HERE 


Bullet; White You may transform up to (5) of your own Ketucari. This limit still applies if somebody else designs your ketucari's new forms for you.
Bullet; White You can draw/write for your own Ketucari, or for others. Please get permission before designing for other players. The five Ketucari transformation limit only applies to your own Ketucari, you may design for as many people as you desire, as long as they do not go over their FIVE limit.
Bullet; White You are allowed to do more than one art/lit piece. Do as many as you wish, but keep the above limit in mind.

If a Ketucari with this new skill is transferred to a different player, they will keep the skill, and the new owner will be able to redesign their new form.


Bullet; White You will be able to draw your ketucari in this new form when participating in all future group activities! They will be able to tap into their magic to shapeshift into this new form at will. This is entirely optional, but can be considered canon!
Bullet; White You will also be entered into an RNG giveaway. Two members will win herbal brews (strong or normal,) and one lucky member will win two starter slots of their choice! The more entries you do, the more tickets you receive. Five tickets max. Raffle tickets go to the owner of the ketucari being transformed.
Bullet; White Lastly, we will be raffling off this beautiful import to one lucky grand prize winner!

In order to be entered to win this ketucari, you must comment your entries on this thread:

The winner of the mystery ketucari is Anarchisme! Congratulations! This ketucari also comes with a shift form!


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[Deviant Art Journal Version]

As you enter under the archway, you see an ash toa standing above the crowd on what appears to be a giant podium, bellowing over the general noise and anticipation.

“Welcome to the Colour Carnivale!!”

His voice booms over the din. There’s various tents and kiosks set up around what had been a park. If it remains such after the festival is over… well you’ll have to wait to find out.

The ash toa laughs above you, posing dramatically, fanning his feathers out, stretching dramatically.

“We’ve been waiting So Long to meet you all, and we hope you’ve anticipated it as much as we have.”

He leaps backwards suddenly, flipping in mid air to land on another structure--and turns blue--his now stone pelt gleaming in the chilly autumn sun.

“After all… we have much to share with you all…”

WELCOME to the Colour Carnivale!

From now until May 31st 2021 at 11:59PM PST, you will be able to take part in a series of small events for the chance to win exclusive prizes!
Event “week” rollovers are at 11:59PM PST on Sundays, so each event “week” starts on Monday.


For our main event, we have some new starters and genes we’d like to introduce you to!



The main event is the Carnival itself!


Rows upon rows of tents, kiosks, vendors and games fill the previously green space. It looks like someone set off a paint bomb, vibrant colors fill the air and assail the senses. Delicious food smells waft from several of the vendors. Nearly all the races of Velukaelo are here, crowding around the park's pathways. Cheery music can be heard from every which way, folksy tunes that spur listeners to dance. There's events, little plays, and all sorts of merriment all around. Several humans and heldyr dance around with silk banners, akadri beat their hooves against stone, a jordskar plays a drum near the center of the Carnival.

At the far end, you see fair rides. Ferris Wheels, fun houses, armatherium riding! There's even a petting zoo!

There's several drinking and eating contests, various strength testing competitions, and the space has been put together so it's comfortable for ketucari and humanoids alike to explore and partake in.





Draw or write about your ketucari (or humanoid companion) enjoying the carnival!

You may enter this up tofour times total, with up to 4 ketucari/companions per piece.
Minimum Art Requirements: EITHER a full color fullbody with no background (but with some sort of prop) OR a half body with a simple background.

Minimum Literature requirements: 300 words (+50 per ket)

Collaborations are allowed.

Entries will be counted per piece, not per ket, but including extra ketucari/companions will earn you a small 10 gold reward per ketucari/companions (up to 4) in a piece.


If you do not have your own ketucari, you may use a starter, or you can get permission from another player to borrow one of theirs!

Possible ways to enjoy the carnivale:
-Faire Food!
-Petting Zoo!
-Faire Games!



  1. First Entry: 1 slot to one of the new starters of your choice.
  2. Second Entry: Common token (must declare a gene. Gene does NOT have to be one of the new genes)
  3. Third Entry: Uncommon token (must declare a gene. Gene does NOT have to be one of the new genes).
  4. Fourth Entry: 1 Semi-Custom
    Smooth Standard or Ryno with
    Four common genes
    Three common genes and an uncommon
    Two uncommons genes
    One common gene and a Rare*

    *there is a maximum limit of 3 total Chromatas through this.
    *rare gene can be a Feather type.


Mini Prompts:

These mini prompts have lighter requirements.
Up to 4 ketucari.
Minimum Art requirements: (base) Colored sketch, headshot/bust with a prop
Minimum Lit requirements: 100 words (+50 per additional ket)
Collaborations are allowed!
Prompts can be done in “bulk documents/activity sheets” if cleanly labelled and all of the same prompt, up to the maximum number of entries per week per prompt. One doc per prompt per week.


PROMPT 1: Ring Toss!!


: Your ketucari is feeling lucky, before them lies a wheel and a young mysterious woman dressed in a long black hooded cloak, her mismatched eyes sparkle with mirth. “Hello, hello!! I hear you feel lucky today, perhaps so lucky you feel you may even be able to cheat death? Well, we’ll just see about that.” She laughs at what must be an inside joke before smiling at you once more. “This here is a special ring toss, if you can land a ring upon a bottle you will win a very special prize.” She smiles at your eager questions. “What prize? Why, the color of the bottle you land will determine that!”

(Green = Herbal Brew // Blue = Five Random High Tier Herbs // Red = 2 Random Toresul // Yellow = Five Random High Tier Animal Parts )


5 tries a week


PROMPT 2: Fur and Face Paints!!



A happy adolescent akadri decked out in fur dies and paints all along her face grins at you as you pass by. “Hey, hey you now!! Come here, you’re looking a little dull for being in a festival of color!!” She looks sheepish. “Oh no harm meant!! I’m simply saying, perhaps you’d let yourself act as my canvas for a bit? I’ve all these lovely inks and dies, and I’ve been dying to get creative!” She beams. “You would?! Awesome!!”


(Your ketucari subjects themself to this friendly Akadri’s artistic abilities, you are rewarded 3 tattoo ink for your patience.) 


**Three times a week**


PROMPT 3: Spin the Wheel!

A massive lilac ryno yawns as he sits beside a colorful wheel with interesting marks on it. He hails you over with a tilt of his antlered skull and wags his tail behind him. “Ho there, step right up, step right up! You look lonely, seeking some company are ya? No no not from me, ‘friad I’m rather spoken for, but you look like you could use a friend. A companion, you could say. Like my pal here.” he lowers his head again, and peeking out from his massive phoenix mane, there’s an… angel hare? “We’s gots all sorts’ve companions runnin’ round lookin’ for some friends. Maybe you could be one? Oh, we gots some other things, too, ‘v course. Just spin the wheel!”


Depict your ketucari spinning the wheel!

70% chance at a pet from a previous event (10% each)
15% chance at bait (5% chance of each tier, will receive 1 of each kind per tier)
10% chance at a cage (randomly selected)
4% chance at random common token from the new markings
1% chance of uncommon token from the new markings.

**3 times a week!**


PROMPT 4: Shyl Maze


You’re passing an unusual towering display of shyl when a silver-and-blue kadin Appears out from it. “Greetings. Would you like to try the hedge maze? We have roses.” she Vanishes back into the maze, the shyl shimmering in pastel rainbows behind her.


Depict your ketucari in the rainbow shyl maze!

50% chance at **Colorful roses**
20% chance at **Trinket: Rose Garland**
20% chance at Common Token
10% chance at Uncommon Token

2 **Colorful Roses** can be turned in for player’s choice of the following:
1 Trinket: Rose Garland [Standard/Ryno]
1 Common Token
Player’s choice of [random color] previous event pet.


**Once per week!**


IMPORT RAFFLE (And Orphanage Flood)!

Nyserr guides you into a (large) tavern that appears to have once been a barn. There, a number of yearlings are hanging around and enjoying themselves.

“Our pack’s resources are starting to get thin and it’s time for the young ones to disperse. Hang around, enjoy yourself. Ha! Maybe you’ll impress one of the kiddos enough that they want to join Your pack when they leave here!”

Orphanage Flood

What this means for you, is that a large number of special kids with the genes have entered the Orphanage!
What does this mean? Well obviously Newbies still get first dibs for their first ketucari, and anyone with a Foundling Amulet can swoop in too, however, as this is a special event; If any of the Colour Carnivale Yearlings remain in the Orphanage after May 31st 11:59 PM PST, they are available for any* user to claim regardless of the number of ketucari that user has at that point. There is a one per person limit however, so no swooping to nab all of the remaining designs.
*Anyone who wins a ketucari from the import raffle is barred from the free-for-all.


Import Raffle

Synamome 2603Accusatrix 2604Menetas 2605

Ghaitia 2606Ah'legeth'drn 2607Aine 2608

Auriantaca 2609Lightning Catcher 2610Engelorums 2611

Whenever you first put in an event prompt, you will (optionally) be given a ticket for a raffle design made by Anarchisme or IIIXKitsuneXIII !
You can only get one ticket (unless you have no ketucari, then you may get up to Two tickets), and at the end of the event the tickets will be rolled and if you are one of the winners you will be asked to send in a numbered list of your preferences.
There are 9 designs to be won, and one has a special secret!
A player may win one more than one raffle design if all other entrants have won one.

These special imports may not be redesigned except to add genes (if applicable), nor killed off.
If efforts are not made to get KT-2607  breedable and bred within 3 months, a Starter will be made with the same lineage skill.

Admin Applications Open!

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Interested in having a more hands-on role in the group's development? Here's your chance!

Admin applications are always open! We keep track of applications here so that we can bring on new team members as the need arises. You are welcome to drop an application here any time, but please be aware that we have long down periods in between new admin rounds, so you may not receive a response immediately. As a courtesy, if you find you no longer have time to volunteer to the group, please hide your comment so that we know not to contact you. Thank you!

We'd like to bring some more team members on board in order to help fine tune our features, keep things running, and offer up fresh ideas! There's a few specific positions we're looking to fill, but you are not required to stick to the position you're applying for. Admins are free to offer their thoughts and help in any part of the group.

What's in it for me?

Admin positions are volunteer positions. However, we do have an "admin reward system" to work toward in-game items and custom ketucari as well as being able to sell custom rounds. However, unfair advantages such as increased breeding odds are off the table. If you are new to the admin experience, this will be a valuable learning opportunity that you could potentially apply to your own groups! Admins also have guaranteed off-time if desired, which can be found here: Staff and Holidays


We have a few requirements for admins that apply to any position.

• You must have Discord chat so that we can all communicate and brainstorm. You can download it here!

• We don't have an age requirement so long as you have a mature, reasonable attitude. Disagreements may happen, but we expect admins to be able to handle them with level heads and no hard feelings.

• Experience with games and how the systems work. We're not looking for gaming gurus or math wizards, but at least a basic idea of how run-of-the-mill game features (such as battles and crafting) work is a huge plus when it comes to admin selection.


If you're interested in joining the team, look over the positions below to see what you'd like to apply for. Then reply to this journal with this form filled out:

Position(s) of Interest: (you may opt to fill more than one position if you think you have time)

Discord Name/ID#:

Time Zone:

Have you adminned/are you currently adminning for another ARPG group?

Tell us about yourself! (how long have you been in the group, how much time do you think you can offer the group, anything else that may pertain to being an admin!)

Available Positions

Currently looking to fill positions for admins who will be cross-trained in several parts of the group!

New Markings!

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Hey everyone! Little update here.

As you probably know we recently released some new genes and a handful of new horns!
Please introduce our new markings:
Monarch, Display, Aura, Jovian, Karpati, Colorize, and Intensify!
Their guides can be found in the Design Guide:

And our new horns!
Buffulo, Slicked, Forked, Kabuto, Pigtails, and Papillon!
As well as secondary versions of Crown, Short, Ram, and Jacob's!
The horns will be added to the horn psd ASAP!


Similarly, some of you may have noticed there are two new gene interactions!

-Sugar Pangare (which can be found in the Pangare, Fading, and Mottling guides)
-Woodgrain (which can be found in the Brindle and Marbling guides).


We will be steadily updating design guides as time goes by.


Matchmaking 2021

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Matchmaking 2020

Animated Pink Heart Divider by Gasara

Welcome to our February Matchmaking Event! In recognition of Valentines day, we will be doing randomly paired litters with your ketucari, which will give each of you a surprise cub! You will have from February 1 - February 14 to submit your ketucari to the breeding pool. The event will close after two weeks and admins will use RNG to pair the ketucari and roll your litters! The litters will be rolled within the next two days after. The final day to submit a ketucari for this event is February 14th at 11:59 PM EST

Let the pairing begin!

How to Participate

Animated Pink Heart Divider by Gasara
Reply to the comment below with a link to a doodle, blurb (300 words) or collabed entry of one of your ketucari going on a date with another (If you use someone else's ketucari for the second, please check with them first!!), preparing alone for a date, or showing some other form of romantic love. IF you don't have anyone to ship your ketucari with or don't see your ketucari as the romantic kind we have a few starter pairs you can doodle instead!
Then include a link to one of your ketucari to be used in the event! It does not have to be one of the ketucari depicted in your work.
Your ketucari will be randomly paired with another member's entered ketucari and you will both receive a surprise litter with a set of identical twins, one for each of the parent ketucari's owners. After your litter is posted, you are free to do what you want with the cubs like any other litter.

Ketucari Breeding Requirements

Animated Pink Heart Divider by Gasara
:bulletblue: You may only submit ONE ketucari.
:bulletblue: The ketucari must belong to you.
:bulletblue: The ketucari that you enter in this event must have their breeding eligibility confirmed BEFORE entry.
:bulletblue:  Ketucari will not be paired with a match that results in inbreeding. That being said, no inbred ketucari are allowed.
:bulletblue:  Any ketucari who do not receive a match among the entered ketucari will be paired with a randomly rolled starter ketucari or magically 'disked' to create a litter.
:bulletblue: This will NOT count against your monthly limit of breedings or your ketucari's breeding slots.
:bulletblue: These litters cannot have items added.
:bulletblue:Cubs from these litters will not be subject to matriarch killings.
:bulletblue: Cubs from these litters may be sold, traded, gifted, etc. as you please.

Entry Requirements

:bulletblue: Solo entries are not required to be colored or contain a background. These submissions may be headshots!
:bulletblue: Collabed entries MUST be at least two colored fullbodies. They do not need to meet adventure requirements.
:bulletblue: Collabed writings must be at least the length of an adventure for as many ketucari as are depicted in it (600 words minimum for two ketucari)
:bulletblue: If works follow all guidelines for adventures or other group activities they may be used for those activities.
:bulletblue: All entries may be used for Bonding, however only works that follow guidelines for other group activities may be used for Themes.
:bulletblue: All works must have been uploaded after 2/1/21

Bonus Raffle

Animated Pink Heart Divider by Gasara

:bulletblue: All people who make an entry will also be entered in a bonus raffle (you may opt out by saying so in your comment)
:bulletblue: The winners of the raffle will win a Sun Disk
:bulletblue: Three Sun Disks total will be raffled off
:bulletblue: The raffle will be rolled on February 15th, after all entries have been turned in
:bulletblue: Winning a sun disk will not affect the cub you receive or pairing in the main part of the event

Ketucari Raffle

Optionally there is second Raffle for a Mysterious Ketucari with a new Lineage Skill!
Cupid will be raffled off in a "Draw to Adopt" fashion. Entries must be full bodied and colored. Literature entries should be 300 words.
Cupid entries can be included in your Matchmaker entries.
:bulletblue: This raffle superscedes the Sun Disk raffle, you cannot win both Cupid and a Sun Disk.
:bulletblue:If Cupid is not made breedalbe/adequately bred within three months a Starter with the same lineage skill will be released.
:bulletblue: Cupid cannot be redesigned. (However, they are eligible for a token application and may have trinkets, elemental blessings, or accessories added. Please contact IIIXKitsuneXIII if you need Cupid's .psd)
:bulletblue: If you decide you no longer want Cupid or intend to leave the group, you may not Decease their import. You are welcome to return them to the group, or gift or trade them to someone else, or simply keep the import.
:bulletblue: The raffle will be rolled on February 15th, after all entries have been turned in
:bulletblue: Winning a Cupid will not affect the cub you receive or pairing in the main part of the event


The Journal for the event is Located Here