Ketucari is a closed-species draconid ARPG!

Art by tatiilange

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Zone Directory:
Antikutan Bayan Plateau Blasting Moors

Ferokk Ravine Gusting Cavern Ilahaesa Mountains

Jordskarn Kandriya Kanibar Snowfields

Molten Highland Obsidian Bluffs  Paschmahaa

Plains of Messus Salamander Island Shalekesh

Silverglade Singing Vale Sunye Wastes

Terendum Viridian Tangle Zolkanis

If you're new here, you're probably wondering what we're all about and what sets us apart from every other ARPG. In short, we have chosen to combine what we think have become standard ARPG aspects with the character building options of tabletop RPGs in order to create an optimal storytelling experience. Our group takes place in the world of Velukaelo, where gods and magic are a key element of everyday life- for better or worse. Ketucari are intelligent animals who have banded together with tribes of nomads in order to make a living off of hunting animals, monsters, and even deities.

Here are some things we offer!

Emphasis on Effort – Our group puts emphasis on effort and art quality rather than pumping out art as quickly as possible. We reward slowing down and taking the time to improve your art and putting out quality pieces for your skill level. We strongly believe in putting the value back in art, for beginners and veterans alike, rather than the mass production of speedily done work.

Open World – While Velukaelo has its own canon races and critters, you are absolutely welcome to bring in non-canon characters and other species as you see fit. You may also treat your ketucari as personal characters and place them in your own worlds.

No Activity Checks – Our group does not have any deadlines or activity requirements. You may advance at your own pace and no one will take your character from you for lack of activity.

Ranking System – We have no “art point” system. We have chosen to leave art points out of the game to encourage building characters rather than feeling pressured to pump out large amounts of repetitive art. Our ranking system is solely based off of completing prompts the way you want them, to weave your character's unique story how you wish.

Places to Explore – The world is broken up in several different zones. Each zone offers different fauna, environments, and quests.

Interactive Battles – By amassing a set of skills, your ketucari will be able to partake in battles against fauna, ketucari, and gods alike!

Rewarding breeding system - by using potions and the Hallowed Tarn in regular gameplay, you can raise the chance of passing rarer genes by raising your ketucari's nobility.

And much more! See the navigational links above to explore the group, then start your adventure!


Title: Summer Storm Strife 

Adedeyo says:
Recent summer storms have caused damage to the natural habitats of many local fauna species, as well as blocked roadways and destroyed shelters for ketucari and other travelers. Lend a helping hand in clearing debris and ensuring safety for all creatures, and I’ll pass on a strong herbal brew for your efforts"

Bounty Rewards:
X1 Strong Herbal Brew

Depict your ketucari helping to clear rubble, assess storm damage, rebuild check on those who may have been in danger, etc.

This prompt expires August 1st

Go Here to submit your bounties


Read about spotlights here!
Spotlights are reserved for artists and writers who show improvement and effort in their works. Every month or so, admins will scour the gallery of the Ketucari group for Tashtai, searching for an artist or art that catches their attention for improvement. Tashtai will then pick one out if the set and show it off for everyone to see.

Current Spotlight: Unarla